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I am like Jack Kevorkian to houseplants. Wait. He meant to kill people humanly. That’s not a good comparison. We’ll just say I routinely commit involuntary manslaughter to my plants. I don’t mean to. I genuinely try, but I kill mums each fall and poinsettias each Christmas. It’s awful. We moved to a new house last year. We have this huge yard and the only thing we know how to do is mow the grass. We tried to plant vegetables and flowers with our 3-year-old in planters on our deck and ended up with a fine crop of weeds.

We were so excited when renowned garden center Fairview Garden Center asked us to be part of the first “Weeds To Wow Family Garden Project.” Here in Raleigh, North Carolina they are one of the region’s largest retail garden centers. They are amazing! Seriously. They can help young families who are gardening novices like us, but have excellent resources for long-time plant pros too. Follow along as we take on yard projects each month this year to go from weeds to wow!

Project 1:                                                                             

Grow Your Own Fall Container Gardens                                                                                      

Project 2:

Plant Your Own Autumn Mailbox Plant Bed

Project 3:

Weeds To Wow Project 3 make your own Christmas wreath

Watch what our yard becomes!

House Before picture