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Super Snot Tot- February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I’ve told you all before about how we have the greatest, most amazeballs people for friends.  (They would laugh at my use of the term “amazeballs” and subsequently make fun of me.)

We had this band of jokers over to our place for the “Big Game” last night.  I wonder if the National Football League will grab me by my amazeballs if I call it what it was.  It was the Beyonce concert!  I’m kidding.  We had our friends over to watch the Super Bowl.

Charlotte had a bit of a cough and runny nose.  Charlotte’s friend Josh, a fellow two-year-old, came over too.  I warned his parents of her slight cold symptoms and they had no problem with this.  They are both daycare kids and it’s February, after all.  Colds are just part of their lives like sippy cups and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Murphy’s Law of parental party planning states: “The child will seem fine all day and then when the doorbell rings she will hack all over everyone.  If your guests are enjoying food with paper plates on their laps, the child will walk by and cough on their eye level entrees.

I apologize in advance to our friends for their colds.  Please remember what amazeballs friends we are.

Come for the beer, stay for the boogers.