About Me

When we found out I was pregnant in March, 2010 I looked at Greyson and said, “Whoa! I guess this means we’re going to be somebody’s parents.” and thus, the name of this blog came to be. I don’t think I had any idea when I started blogging what I was getting into. Frankly, I had no idea the magnitude of the blogosphere and my God, the mom blogosphere!

I drink entirely too much caffeine. I’m messy and clumsy. I procrastinate. To my mother’s dismay, I say too many cuss words for woman with young children. Clearly I’m also an attention-seeker since I write about myself on the Internet.

I like to write and I like to think I’m smart and witty. I’m trying my hardest to raise a daughter who will understand that being clever and kind are more important than being pretty. I’m married to the funniest man you’ll ever meet. Now we have new baby, a boy. He is sweet and squishy and a perfect addition. Now we’re “somebodies parents.” I try not to dwell on the fact that there are now two people who may grow up to resent me.

I’m really proud to say I’ve come out on top of an Eating Disorder as a teenager and a bout of Postpartum Depression.

I’ve learned that I love being a Mama. This blog is my diary, my outlet, and Baby Books for my children.