Tweets Between Rock Star Moms- November 24, 2015

In all my years on Twitter I never would have expected what happened as I stood in my kitchen early yesterday evening. I was pulling leftovers out of the fridge for my hungry little ones. Their whines were growing loud as I half watched the news and cut broccoli stalks for their plates. How much longer until bedtime? “The Voice” is on tonight. My phone buzzed.

My stomach did a little flip. Surely I wasn’t seeing what I saw.

gwen tweet cropped

My jaw dropped open. Did Gwen Stefani just tweet me? I really wish a camera had been on my face to see the ridiculous grin. All kid whining was blocked out as I went to my original post to see if in fact she had responded. I double checked that little blue check to be sure she was the actual Twitter-verified Gwen. She was. The little “gx” seems to be how she signs her social media posts on Twitter and Instagram. It had to be her. I went to her Twitter page to MAKE SURE I was on there. I was. It was official. She responded to my tweet!

gwen tweet 2

I was just goofing around, being a fan girl when I wrote that. I figured other fans would respond, but Gwen herself? By this point she was getting ready for the live show. I know this because I’m a weirdo fan who thought “Oh! They’re getting ready for ‘The Voice’ live show.” In case you missed it. I wrote a post last week about my crazy, silly love of all things Gwen and Blake.  Let’s be honest, she will likely never read it because she’s super busy with career and kids. I’m not a super star, but I’m a mom. So I understand being too busy for almost everything. I just think she and I could be mom friends and if she wanted to bitch about her ex with me and my girls, she’s welcome. We’d also love to dish about her cute new boyfriend. Just saying.

I loved her performance on the American Music Awards Sunday night and indulged myself by watching her sing “Used To Love You” on my phone a few times Monday after working out, running errands and attending the preschool Thanksgiving feast. Her performance was awesome! Emotional. Beautiful. It makes me cry. Add to that, Blake tweeted about it. Then I got to see Alanis Morrisette perform the 20th anniversary of “You Oughta Know” and the cast of “Clueless” 20 years later? 30-somethings of the Internet….was that awesome, or what?! My 90’s teen heart could take no more happiness.

Until the tweet.

I usually only tweet with others like me, other bloggers, writers, moms and news people. Regular people tweet celebrities all the time. I do. Smack talk to an athlete before a game or encouragement for a guy who plays on my NFL team is just fun. I imagine A-listers get thousands a day. Jimmy Kimmel will round up all the mean tweets for famous people and let the hilarity ensue. But, the odds of a famous person actually replying to you?! The odds of one of my FAVORITES replying is nearly unheard of.

I don’t know why she responded to me, but I’m so glad she did. I just made a very honest, fun statement. I enjoyed her performance. I’m glad she knows it.

After collecting myself I kept grinning and responded.

gwen tweet 3

I showed my 5-year-old daughter and told her that Gwen wrote to me. She knows who Gwen is. We let her watch a little of “The Voice” before bedtime on Mondays and Tuesdays. She’s Team Gwen all the way. She looked at me with her wide eyes and said, “Mommy, are you famous!?” I assured her that I was not. I told her I was just a regular mom.

But…for a moment in my kitchen, I felt like a total rock star.


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  1. Wendy says:

    AWESOME!! Ginger Zee from GMA responded to a tweet of mine once.. oh and Julius hodge multiple times (former basketball player at NCSU)

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