Only Moms Find This Funny- November 3, 2015

Last week at our friends’ house our daughter decided to drag out their daughter’s startlingly large toy that you can’t miss if you visit their home. It’s a Minnie Mouse bigger than the children that has become a source of jokes for the adults. The jokes got real when Minnie had a rip in her signature white bloomers in a highly undignified, un-Disneylike place. The husband said to the wife, “Did you ever sew up her crotch rip?” She assured us Minnie was repaired. That’s when she and I let the comical lines…well, rip.

“Minnie got ripped a new one when she delivered that litter of mice.”

“3rd degree perineal tear.”

“Stiz baths for like, 2 weeks.”

“She had to send Mickey to the specialty pharmacy for perineal ice packs.”

No child understood these jokes. No husband thought they were as funny as we did. After stitched up lady parts or a belly that’s been stapled together, different things become funny. Mama humor at its finest.




2 Responses to “Only Moms Find This Funny- November 3, 2015”

  1. Parul says:

    Not a Mum, but got the joke. Ha ha! Funny!

    Stopping by from the Blogher Blogroll.

  2. Andrea B. says:

    Poor, poor Minnie!

    Is she really that huge? She looks normal-Minnie-Sized!

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