Princess Charlotte- May 4, 2015

This morning I got tweets and texts. My Facebook wall got messages like this:

Royal baby name

It was no surprise. Charlotte was a popular choice for the royal baby name from everything I had read. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is truly beautiful and fitting. I LOVE it.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that our baby name choice for our first born was seriously considered. I was a tad possessive about it, which is totally insane. Turns out, I was ahead of the trend! A Clinton and now a Windsor. It’s fitting since many of you know I’ve been trying to get in touch with Kate for years. I’m a bit of an anglophile.

We told our Charlotte that it was a possibility that the baby princess would share her name. She was skeptical and moody this weekend when she said, “That’s my name!” I her defense, she was tired.

I couldn’t wait to tell her when I picked her up from preschool midday today. I pulled her outside to tell her and quickly film her reaction. I was so proud when she had a change of heart. Take a look. I added subtitles because her classmates were yelling, trying to get her attention and it was loud. See, Charlotte’s are so popular! Now, more popular than ever.


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