Parenting In Spring- March 9, 2015

Oh, sweet sunshine! I’m not one to complain about winter. I love Christmas, scarves, warm drinks and snow days. But, this year? This winter? This many snow days? No thank you. I’m done. Sunday was the first warm day. I had to get out. I had to get at least a mini-workout in. I went out for a quick jog with Henry in the stroller. I had to Instagram it to prove the exercise happened and to brag to IG followers up north that the afternoon’s temperatures were in the 65 to 70 degree range.

ig stroller

It was during this jaunt that my parenting came into question. Twice.

The warm breeze blew on my face as I picked up the pace. No cars were on our quiet wooded street. I heard birds. Henry said some version of “Woof!” whenever he heard a dog bark. It was sweet and lovely. I was energized as my heart rate went up. That’s when I got a text from a friend to finalize our dinner plans. I stopped in the street to answer her. Again, no cars were around.

As I prepared to hit “send” I saw some neighbors coming up the hill. It was a couple in their early sixties walking in the warmth together. I briefly smiled at this pair of graying Baby Boomers before glancing back at my phone. They were the only others I’d seen out. I heard the man say, “Don’t text in the middle of the road!”


I looked up. I was still trying to type my message. In my mind I thought, “Uh, mind your own business, Pops.” Instead I chuckled nervously, “Yeah, not my best parenting move. Ha!” I rolled my eyes and rolled my baby out of the middle of the road. He said, “You can stand in the middle of the road and text alone, but not with your baby!”

What?! Seriously?! I croaked out more nervous chuckles. Was this guy trying to be funny?

This is the intersection where this went down.

This is the intersection where this went down. Dangerous, right? 

I was thinking they may have felt they stepped on my toes by telling me what to do so they came over to admire my babe and be a little more neighborly. They smiled and told me how cute Henry was. That’s when the woman scolded me said, “He’s not wearing any shoes!” I politely smiled and explained how he fights me when it’s time to put on his shoes and since it’s such a lovely day, I thought going barefoot in the stroller would be fine.

Good God, people! Really?! Don’t you think if I had heard a car on our very quiet street I would have moved? Was it the safest thing in the world to stop there? No, probably not. But, no one was in danger and it certainly didn’t warrant comment. Then the shoe thing on top of it? Am I wrong to be rubbed the wrong way by this? I wanted to shout, “Yep! I’m that neighbor. I’m a reckless 21st century mother who’s more preoccupied with her phone than her child. I love the thrill of pushing my kid out of the road at the last second. I hope a car comes speeding by! Screw shoes! You should keep an eye on me and my neglected kids!”

Excuse me while I go inside like it’s winter so I don’t have to see the neighbors.


10 Responses to “Parenting In Spring- March 9, 2015”

  1. Ashley says:

    HA! classic! :) You rebel Amy! 😎

  2. Heather says:

    Rude! Didn’t you know everyone else in the world is a better parent of your children than you? Accept that and life will be much easier. ha!

    We met a neighbor once while walking kids/dogs. I told them where we lived and they said “Oh yeah – the house with the bright blue baby swing hanging on the porch?!” Yep, that’s us. I’m not certain whether it was a dig at our “tacky plastic swing” installed on the front porch or just their strange way of cataloging neighbors…. white house, house with the blue car, house with the bright blue baby swing…

  3. yeah.. this northerner would have said what you thought to them.. you should have thrown out a bless your heart as you ran off pushing henry.. 😉

  4. Nicole says:

    I get the shoe thing all the time!! Ugh. Avery is either in his braces or in socks. And most of the time he pulls the socks off. So, I get the dirty looks and questions. Once while leaving the hospital when Avery’s clothes had been cut off and all we had was a blanket and the hospital gown, I got a dissertation on why I shouldn’t take him to the car in just that because it was so cold. Honestly, people need to mind their own business. Unless I’m playing chicken in the middle of the road with my kid in a stroller, I think we’re ok. Go on your sweet little walk and talk about me under your breath. It might take a village to raise a child, but I didn’t vote you in as chief – so back off! I may have a little pent up aggression about this subject. lol I’m just tired of people judging others. All that to say I agree with you. They were out of line. You’re a great mom!

  5. Faye says:

    Amy, Take it from a senior citizen, these folks, as sweet as they pretended to be, need to get a life. They can’t accept that life changes so they decide to try to put you in their world. Keep on smiling. You are a fantastic Mom!!

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