How Should We Stroll? June 23, 2014

This week marks a big first for our family. We’ll be cleaning and packing all week because for the first time ever we’ll be getting on an airplane and taking a trip as a family of four. A 7 month-old and a 3 1/2 year -old on a plane. It should be interesting. Part of me wants to ask you to have mercy on our souls and another part of me is so excited I could burst.

The first time we took Charlotte on an airplane she was 10 months-old and we were going to a wedding in Quebec. We had to get her a passport, the works. It was a nightmare to get where we were going, but the trip was amazing. Henry’s first trip will be to Nebraska, so nothing international. We are going to Greyson’s family reunion. His family members are not the Southern Baptist teetotalers that mine are, so it should be fun. (Not that you aren’t fun, extended family! You know I love you and our games of Outburst while drinking sweet tea.)

After our trip to Quebec without our stroller we will NEVER travel like that again. I have an issue that I need advice on, however. Here’s where I need your help. If you were me, which stroller would you take? Please see the photos and read on.

stroller pic

Stroller #1

  • Pros: Fantastic, beautifully made and durable. I have the accessory parts and tire pump in a little pouch. It folds up well. It’s easy to maneuver. 
  • Cons: It’s a single stroller. Only one kid in it at a time. 

Please note: We will have the Ergo carrier for Henry. He loves it. Charlotte has not sat in that stroller in a long time. I don’t know how she would feel about it. She is good at staying with us and holding our hands in crowds. She likes to ride on Greyson’s shoulders.

Stroller #2

  • Pros: It’s a double stroller. Both could stroll if they needed to. It has a huge storage compartment underneath. Henry is often soothed by his sister next to him in the stroller. 
  • Cons: It’s cheap and cheaply made. It doesn’t fold quite as well. The tires are flimsy. It’s not as easy to maneuver. Charlotte will sit in it for a little while, but demands iPhone or iPad play while riding in it. (Actually, I’m fine with that. Whatever. Judge me.)

Another note: We’re going to the zoo one day of our trip. We’ll have to wheel it around the zoo.

Okay! Help me out. What have your experiences been? What do you think I should do? Which stroller should we go with?


20 Responses to “How Should We Stroll? June 23, 2014”

  1. My 2c is take the single. You said yourself that Charlotte might not ride in it, but you could put Henry in it (regardless how much he loves the Ergo – carrying a kid gets tiring). It would be easier to maneuver and deal with on the plane. If the zoo is the only known major outing that might require both in a stroller you could either use the single for Charlotte and carrier for Henry or rent a stroller at the zoo that day. Not cheap, but beats lugging the bigger stroller to find you basically only use it for one child. Of course, this coming from the mom that still has just one kid …. :)

  2. Jenn Hart says:

    I have traveled a lot without my husband — and I have always gone with a single stroller — doubles are too much, to clunky and hard to maneuver through airports. That being said, you probably don’t want to take your well built, more expensive, better made stroller either — sad to say, no matter what, the guys handling your luggage and strollers at the gate are not gentle — it would be awful if something happened to your nice single stroller that you use for Henry. My suggestion and what i have done many times in the past, is if you can get through the airport without the stroller, get to a Walmart or Target on the other end and buy a cheaper umbrella stroller that you have no attachment to and leave it with friends or family or even the hotel at the end for another family. The airlines have trashed our strollers, and a kelty backpack (don’t get me started, I think that the backpack traveled OUTSIDE the airplane for the trip) and car seats. It is just one less stress to get a cheap one where ever you are traveling.

    • Amy says:

      See, I feel like the more expensive, reliable stroller will hold up better. That’s my thinking. But, I get what you’re saying about a cheapy one. I may end up doing that. Thanks!

  3. heather says:

    I have never traveled by plane with kids. But I vote for the single stroller. When Charlotte needs to ride, put Henry in the Ergo. Or for quick rests, she can sit on the footrest over the front wheel. And if you get desperate at the zoo, I’m sure they have some kind of wagon/car contraption you could rent for Charlotte.

    Just read the comments above – also agree with the person saying to buy a cheap umbrella stroller when you get there. we had a $10 one from Walmart that was surprisingly durable. (I even resold it at a yardsale for $8) At that price you get get one for each of them.

  4. Erica O'Donnell says:

    I have no experience with 2 kids or a zoo outing (yet), but I do have experience with a whiny 3yr. old that is hot and tired… and a husband that is not into the shoulder rides anymore. I vote for the double stroller. Its better to have too much than not enough. If C gets tired at the zoo and starts to melt you might just want to offer her a ride, a cold Popsicle and/or your itoy. Besides, if she never steps foot in the stroller, you can just put all your junk in it as opposed to carrying it. If you bring the other stroller, you’ll need to carry diapers, wet wipes, band-aids, your camera, your popsicle, C if she starts to melt down and this is assuming Baby Henry is just riding quietly the entire time.

  5. Erin says:

    Amy – I just got back from Ireland in May with both boys in tow. I too have traveled the airports without a stroller and will never, ever, ever do that again. My suggestion is to go to toys r us and grab one of the cheap umbrella strollers ($20). Its easy to fold – you can tote it around with you and both Charlotte and Henry could use it. Def. bring your baby carrier because that is the easiest thing to deal with in the airports. You can walk through security with Henry on and keep the stroller folded until you get to the other end.

    You could also go pick up a used “tougher” umbrella stroller at the 2nd hand store. I bought a Joovy for the trip and LOVE it. I also tested the MacLaurin and i found them for around $50.

  6. Jamie Tilley Nuss says:

    From experience, I say take a single and the Ergo. I still carry Emily in my Ergo. She’s the same age as Charlotte but is 41 pounds and it’s fine. I can’t carry Emily on my back all day, but I can do it for a good while. I definitely agree with not taking your nice single stroller. It will get damaged while traveling. Find a cheap one (or an inexpensive used one) to take. Good luck! It’ll be great.

  7. cynthia says:

    Don’t forget to consider how many bags you are carrying on (I.e., also carrying around at the airport)

  8. Sarah says:

    I vote cheap-o. I’ve ordered stuff from and had it sent (with free delivery) to he hotel before. We did it with diapers just to save suitcase space. You could do a stroller and diapers if you wanted. Just an idea.

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