Pumping Behind The Wheel- June 13, 2014

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I’ve made it no secret how I most often express myself. No, not just the emotional vomit I spew on this blog, but how I express breast milk. I do it in the car. Almost always. I like to call it “Vehicular Milk Expression.” When I was working full-time after my first child, I would pump in the wee hours of the morning so a fresh bottle would be ready for my husband to give the baby while I was on TV reporting the morning news.

I pumped in the news live truck when my photographer was elsewhere. I pumped in my news car in the parking lot of some place while making calls for interviews. I got so good at it I pumped while driving. Even when I wasn’t working I was driving down the road and pumping.

Now that I am home with Baby #2 I find myself on the road toting us around our fair city and find that once again, it’s just easiest to do it in the car. Even if my husband is driving, I’ll be in the passenger seat pumping and putting on makeup. After getting everyone else ready to go somewhere, it’s the only place to get it done and still get somewhere on timeish. Sometimes when he’s driving and notices someone looking at me funny he  says, “Woman! Cover up!” I snort and reply, “Baby’s gotta eat.” Usually my shirt is covering up the goods. It does make me chuckle to think of the fine member of law enforcement who would have the distinction of pulling me over mid-expression. Hey, I’ve said it before, “Baby’s gotta eat.”

pumping pic

So, I get the question all the time, “How do you do it?” I’m glad you asked! Vehicular Milk Expression requires proper equipment. Here’s what you need:

pumping numbers

1. A pump: Obviously.

2. A hands-free pumping bra: Keep your hands on the wheel, ladies! Safety first! And yes, it will get milk stains like mine. Sorry. You should know.

3. Bottles: You need pump bottles, but don’t forget a bottle to empty your milk into! I speak from experience. Your baby will need to actually drink this milk.

4. A nursing cover: If you wish. A shirt, jacket/blazer, towel or blanket also works. The cover helps you be hands-free.

5. An AC Adaptor: When I kept running out of batteries I got one of these from Radio Shack, I think. Are there still Radio Shacks? I dunno. Anyway, it plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car. So, when you’re done smoking, you can pump. (I’m kidding. Cigarettes kill, ya’ll.)

Not Pictured: Pump wipes. They are helpful if you are big on cleaning your pump parts. (I’m not.) When I was working, they were a necessity. Batteries if you don’t use the plug.

I hope this helps explain how I express myself! Remember girls, no matter where you have to go, “baby’s gotta eat!”


13 Responses to “Pumping Behind The Wheel- June 13, 2014”

  1. Leslie says:

    Love this! I have been researching pumps provided through insurance for our third baby due any time now. You should check out the freemie pump! Fits right into your bra and looks comfy!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Leslie! I have told everyone I know not to skimp on the pump because you use it so often. I hope your freemie pump is good! (See Heather’s comment below.)

  2. I’ll always regret opting for just a hand pump when we had our lil one. I just never figured on needing it and always think – yeesh – that thing was annoying!

    This is hilariously awesome, as are you. Love it!

  3. heather says:

    I have several points to make here…
    1 – I see how much milk is in the bottles in the picture. And I’m jealous! Pumping is a struggle this go-round with baby #3
    2 – I clicked on the pump wipes link and read the description. The last bullet point says, and I quote… “Allows your baby to stay safe, warm and cozy all night long” WTH does that have to do with cleaning pump parts? Made me laugh
    3 – to Leslie talking about insurance pumps… my insurance provided an Ameda Purely Yours for my recently born third baby (no other choices). I hate it. I just spent $250 to buy a Medela!

    • Amy says:

      I wonder why your supply is less with #3? Is it because you started with the lousy pump? As for the wipes description…ha! Didn’t even notice! That is too funny! Glad you sprung for the Medela. I swear it pays for itself. As far as supply goes, I am lucky to make a lot, but I drink a lot of water and eat a lot too!

      • heather says:

        She is smaller and not a ravenous eater like Justin was. I’m getting just enough but seems like I got a lot more last time. I’ve started drinking A LOT of water and will make an effort to eat more/better. Not sure if the crappy pump caused any problems. But it took 20 mins to get what I get the first 5 mins with the Medela! Totally worth the money.

  4. Andi says:

    Love it. It was the only way I could get it on while working! You are brave to post this! :)

  5. Lindsay says:

    Love this! I did this all the time! Medela makes a car adapter you can order off Amazon. So worth it! I got an Ameda Purely Yours from my insurance and almost stopped pumping because it was so painful and I wasn’t producing much. I ended up getting a Medela and was so much happier. Ended up pumping for a whole year and was able to freeze some! Thanks for talking about this and helping other moms!

  6. […] will say, it is SLIGHTLY better now that I don’t have a breast pump in there all the time. Occasionally it’s become a point of contention in our marriage. My mom has even said she […]

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