A Father’s Day Summer’s Eve

On Father’s Day we had a great time celebrating our favorite guy. We were on the road heading to the Farmer’s Market so Greyson could pick out his favorite veggies and meat to grill. Charlotte loves her Daddy and does what he does. A car pulled out in front of us. He yelled, “What are you doing, douche!?!?”

Sure enough, out of this precious little face we heard the words, “What are you doing, douche!?!?”

c pic

Aw! Just like her Daddy.


3 Responses to “A Father’s Day Summer’s Eve”

  1. Andrea says:

    It could have been worse. She could have asked you what douche means … 😉

  2. Ashley says:

    LOL! classic! :-)

  3. bahaha. I yelled hey, you fucker the other day and was like immediately, OH SHIT! thankfully she kept reading her little b is for bear book. waiting for that one to pop out.

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